• Claudio Silvestrin e Kanye West
    Kanye West

    I’ve stayed in a Claudio Silvestrin apartment since I was 26, and I love those types of palettes and that’s my opinion… I loved our creative process.

  • Fabio Marianna Parisini Silvestrin
    Fabio and Marianna Parisini
  • Warren Miro Silvestrin
    Warren Miro
  • Ms Lee and Mr Zhao Silvestrin
    Ms Lee and Mr Zhao
  • Rainer Becker Silvestrin
    Rainer Becker
  • Giorgio Armani
    Giorgio Armani

    I like the strong and austere language of Claudio Silvestrin’s architecture – a complexity behind a simplicity that is so unspectacular, so understated, as to render it spectacular.

  • Derek Wong Silvestrin
    Derek Wong
  • Gary Giessing Silvestrin
    Gary Giessing
  • Rocco Princi Silvestrin
    Rocco Princi
  • Donatella Girombelli Silvestrin
    Donatella Girombelli
  • Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
    Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

    Contemporary art presents the architect with a challenge, to design a space in which to exhibit and enhance works that are both complex in form and difficult to define.
    Claudio Silvestrin has won this challenge for the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo foundation, creating an ‘Architecture’ that maintains its own identity while conducting a dialogue with art and its metamorphosis.

  • Antonio Percassi Silvestrin
    Antonio Percassi
  • Cristina and Enrico Pozzi Silvestrin
    Cristina and Enrico Pozzi
  • Ms Kim II Shim Silvestrin
    Ms Kim II Shim
  • Rumi Veerjee Silvestrin
    Rumi Veerjee
  • Miguel Almeida Silvestrin
    Miguel Almeida
  • Hans Neuendorf Silvestrin
    Hans Neuendorf

    The austerity of the design of our house in Mallorca initially intimidates visitors. While they profess to like it they consider it too radical to live in. Over time, however, they find it soothing precisely because of the clarity and logic of its design and because of the absence of any visual noise. Not to mention the warmness of the earthy colours wanted by Claudio. Many say that it offers a spiritual experience.

  • Lorraine Beck
    Max and Lorraine Beck
  • Vittorio Radice Silvestrin
    Vittorio Radice
  • Victoria Miro Silvestrin
    Victroria Miro

    His understanding of space is exceptional.

  • Francesco Mazzei
    Francesco Mazzei
  • Mr Zhao Silvestrin
    Mr Zhao

    Claudio Silvestrin is like a prophet from the universe – his unique sense of architecture and fashion is beyond the epoch.